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Capable Table LLC

Occupational Therapy
and Consulting

For capable feeders and capable eaters.



Feeding and Eating Skills for Everyone

Capable Table is therapist-run, family-centered, and neurodiversity-affirming. We believe that all food is good food and that fed is best. We utilize evidence based practices to support capable feeders and eaters.


You Know The Problems...
We Fix It Together

Virtual in PA and NJ

In Person in the Greater Philadelphia Area (PA/NJ)


What we can work on...

  • Stressful family mealtimes 

  • Sensory based feeding needs 

  • Selective/picky eating 

  • Transition from NG/G tube 

  • Transition from PediaSure/meal replacements

  • Transition to solid foods  

Our Therapeutic Process

  • Free 15 minute initial phone call 

  • Comprehensive mealtime evaluation and analysis 

  • Package of family sessions to meet your individualized needs 


Working with Mindy and Ilana was really helpful!  Our three year old was having lots of problems with eating--food selection, refusal, mealtime behavior that ruined everyone's meals, etc. We learned so much from Mindy and Ilana, and their TABLE model put everything we learned and all of their recommendations in a simple and easy to understand format. We were successful in rapidly making meal time a much more enjoyable experience and are still working to expand our son's palate and willingness to try new things.  If your child is having food problems, I am sure you feel as frustrated as we did. I strongly recommend getting professional help, as it can alleviate the frustration, make your expectations more realistic, provide clarity and knowledge, and help you not feel so alone in your struggles. 

Nick W

I highly recommend working with Mindy especially if your little one has feeding issues, which is how she helped us.  My son was genuinely not ingesting solids when he was 15 months old, just surviving on breastmilk, when I finally went off on my own to find help.   Mindy was the game-changer we needed.  It was above and beyond being punctual, reliable, and thorough.  Or the convenience of coming to my home for sessions.  She was extremely supportive and met me where I was in my sleep-deprived, worried state.  She also got curious and it was way more than just checking off boxes.  Each plan made was tailored to his deficits and his progress.  If you're wondering if you should invest in therapy, I'm here to say you should. I paid privately for her evaluation and wish I had done it sooner, when the pediatrician was continuously brushing me off.  Here we are over 2 years later and while my son will never quite "house" food the way his toddler friends do, I can appreciate watching him use his lips to pull noodles into his mouth or move his tongue to bring an oat bar piece to the side of his mouth to chew and swallow.  I honestly learned how to meet my son where he was and parent the kid in front of me from the amazing pediatric therapists I've worked with.

Susan T

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