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Available Services

Initial phone call 

  • 15 minute phone call 

  • Discuss current challenges, strengths, and stressors 

  • Develop individualized next steps based on your family's needs


1-2 hour comprehensive feeding and eating evaluation that covers: 

  • Child's developmental history, feeding history, and current feeding skills 

  • Caregiver mealtime stressors 

  • Child and caregiver unique sensory needs screening

  • Mealtime observation and analysis

  • Follow up phone call to discuss evaluation  


Once an evaluation is completed:

  • Obtain referral if needed

  • Develop plan of action

​60 minute sessions include: 

  • Implementation of individualized road map for mealtime skills and solutions for capable eaters 

  • Focus on education and coaching for capable feeders

We can offer a superbill for insurance or HSA reimbursement


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What we can work on:

Who do we help? What kinds of difficulties can we address? Read on to find out!

Stressful Family Mealtimes

Are mealtimes becoming overwhelming and stressful?

Stressful mealtimes can complicate family feeding challenges even more. 

Let's learn more about your unique sensory needs and tackle your mealtime stressors together.

Transition from NG/G Tube

Is your child reliant on an NG/G tube for nutrition?

We can work with your medical team to meet your child's needs.

Let's find creative ways for your child to explore foods, even outside of mealtimes.

Sensory Based Feeding Needs

Does your child avoid certain textures, prefer certain colors, or enjoy brand specific foods?

We can learn more about your child's unique sensory needs to help support meeting sensory needs at and away from the table.

Transition from Pediasure/Meal Replacements

Does your child rely on PediaSure or other meal replacements? 

Sometimes children prefer to drink their calories which makes eating foods off the table.

We work with you to make mealtime changes.

Selective & Picky Eating

Does your child appear scared to even try new foods? 

We help break this down with developmentally appropriate strategies for families while promoting self-advocacy skills for children. 

Transition to Solid Foods

Introducing solids-where to begin?

We can help!

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