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Get to Know Us

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Capable Table is two occupational therapists: Mindy King and Ilana Miller.

We are therapist-run, family-centered, and neurodiversity-affirming.

We believe that all food is good food and that fed is best.

We utilize evidence based practices to support capable eaters.

Our core values include:

  • Honoring autonomy

  • Building and supporting relationships

  • Nurturing internal motivation

  • Tailoring individualized care to your family's unique needs

  • Developing competence through skill and confidence building

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Mindy King, OTR/L

Mindy is a pediatric occupational therapist with a passion for feeding and eating. She has a lifetime of personal experience in picky eating and food exploration and is continuing the feeding and eating journey with her own children. Mindy's interest in therapeutic feeding began in 2016 while working with medically complex preschoolers. Finding ways to help children gain independence and have rewarding mealtime experiences regardless of their barriers quickly became an obsession for Mindy.

Mindy's approach to feeding is rooted in Responsive Feeding principles and prioritizes autonomy and respect over compliance. She finds joy in teaching children to love food exploration and expand their eating skills through experience, confidence-building, and natural learning.

Mindy is a Level 1 Advanced Mentored Clinician with the STAR institute for Sensory Processing and has trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding and Responsive Feeding Therapy. She has additional training in assistive technology, seating and positioning, and early childhood mobility.

Ilana Miller, OTR/L

Since graduating from Temple University’s Masters in Occupational Therapy program in 2016, Ilana practiced in a variety of pediatric settings including outpatient therapy clinic, mental health residential treatment facility, school based, and community based early intervention. A lifelong learner, Ilana pursued continuing education and specialization within the fields of infant and toddler mental health (University of Delaware's ABC program-Attachment Bio-Behavioral Catch-Up, sensory processing, and feeding therapy (SOS Feeding, Get Permission, Responsive Feeding Therapy).

When she was 12, Ilana was diagnosed as failure to thrive. Ilana has the lived experience to understand that feeding challenges deeply impact an individual as well as their entire family and community. Pairing her lived experiences with a passion for responsive feeding practices, Ilana teams up with families to create developmentally appropriate, child led, and family centered strategies so families can strengthen food relationships by focusing on joy, rather than bites. Through collaborative and creative problem solving, we can discover that joy together.

When Ilana’s not working, you can find her taking a walk with a fidget in her pocket, dawdling in the stationary aisle, or looking for new snacks to try. Ilana loves Cape Cod potato chips and hope that one day they will reopen the factory for tours.

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